10 Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In The World

10 Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In The World

New York
Condition of New York is same as that of London i.e. slowing national economy met with slowing residential sales and absorption rate which is at slump in the commercial sector. In spite of strain in commercial sector big deals of tickets are still taking place in large volume in buildings like 15 Central Park West. Rent rates at the highest cost areas of Rockefeller Center and Park Avenue have come down to rates that vary from 2% to 4%. Investors are expecting the long term strength in the increasingly volatile market.

Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In The World

The Financial Times that published “American Cities of the Future” has put Miami on rank 9 for the top leading American cities of the future. The most important factor that makes it fall in the list is that Miami is gradually becoming a destination. Due to which there will be economic development which will pump in further development. It will be a great to deal to invest in Miami that is going to yield fruits in near future.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is one those places that are in news for real estate boom. The plus point is the growing economy and majority of the young population. Around 50% of the population is under the age of 30 years. Therefore home prices are rising rapidly and if you are interested then you should take a quick move.

The down fall in the real estate market in London ended last year in 2013. Since then it is heading up now. Profits in 3rd quarter and onwards raised the confidence of the real estate investors. The most attracting part is that the demand for rental properties is going up every year by 15%. So if you are looking to construct some rental flats then this is the best option for you.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is a home for many million dollar companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing and the city does not seem to be slowing down in its economy. It has always been a favorite place for investors to invest in real estate. Youngsters are migrating to this city for the big companies and there is no possibility of city’s growth slowing down in near future. Invest anywhere, house, property, compartments, etc and you will not regret.

Investors have been continuously investing their money in Paris, especially n office/ commercial market. A London based real estate firm Knight Frank stated that vacancies in Paris are at all time lows. Rent business in central district has come out as a rising star as demand is quite more than supply and limited construction is taking place.

Tokyo is doing wonders not only for it’s technology field but also for economy growth. Major part of the Asian and world economy is based in Japan. The place if fully crowded and mostly crowd is busy doing high impact work that ultimately leads to growth in real estate market. After Ney York, Tokyo has been spotted to have largest sales revenue in real estate market in 2013-14. It alone constitutes about 15% of the total Asian real estate market growth. So all this makes it a perfect choice for real estate investment.

Growth in office rental and residential real estate in Shanghai makes it suitable for this list. Shanghai has been constantly developing and growing and is cheaper than Hong Kong. Investors perceive its market bullish due to the continuous growth. Its residential real estate is quite appealing.

San Francisco
San Francisco is a hub of arts, business and culture. The city is good for real estate development because of the classy style of living and technical industry on the west coast around the Bay area. The average sale price of a house in San Francisco is around $3 million which is why the rental market is a budding market for the investors. There is more than sufficient supply of young professionals to fill up the rental vacancies.

As per London based real estate investment firm, Knight Frank, growth in prices has slowed down because of lower volume of transactions. Home sales have dropped by 47% from the late 2007 to early 2008. There is a remarkable growth in the medical tourism which has made medical properties a centre of attraction in real estate.

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