10 Creative Uses For Vodka

10 Creative Uses For Vodka

Ever thought that your versatile vodka could be much more help than part of your favorite cocktail? Just like it is so versatile with any mixer there are other creative uses for vodka. Here are a few:

Pain-free Bandage Removal
Yes, that’s right. Rid yourself of the pain you feel when removing a bandage. Saturate the bandage with vodka then remove your bandage, the liquid will dissolve the adhesive from the bandage.

Cleaning eyeglasses
Get clear vision by using vodka. Mix it with water then spray on lenses and wipe with a soft cloth.
Note: May not be suitable for lenses with special coatings.

Creative Uses For Vodka

Refresh your mattress
Sleep on a fresh odor-free mattress by just using vodka, it’s an easy and cheap way to clean it. Simply pour some vodka in a spray bottle and spray evenly on your mattress, don’t saturate the mattress or it will not dry. Let it air dry before making your bed, the alcohol will kill odors and bacteria and disinfect the mattress.

Treat body aches
Fill an unused jar with vodka and fresh lavender then seal. Place in sunlight for 3 days and strain using a coffee filter. Apply this tincture topically to aches and pains.

Kill bad breath and mouth germs using vodka. Mix some vodka with a few drops spearmint, cinnamon, or tea tree oil and let sit for 2 weeks for an effective mouthwash. Don’t forget to spit it out! You can use it to combat the effects of drinking too much vodka on your breath.

Keep flowers fresh
Keep freshly cut flowers fresh longer with the help of vodka. Add 1 teaspoon each of sugar and vodka to water, the vodka will kill germs and the sugar will nourish the flowers.

Fight dandruff
Dandruff is an irritating problem. Mix two teaspoons crushed rosemary in 1 cup vodka and leave it for 2 days. Strain the water through a colander and massage your scalp with this solution, let it air dry.

Stinky shoes
Nobody wants to smell that annoying odor from your feet, especially you. Get rid of stinky shoes by spraying some vodka in your shoes a few hours before wearing. You can also soak your feet in vodka to eliminate odors from your feet.

Extend razor life
Soak your razor blades in vodka when you’re done shaving, it will disinfect them and prevent rust. It’s a great safety measure against infection.

Ice pack
Make a slushy ice pack by mixing vodka with water in equal proportions in a sealable freezer bag, the alcohol keeps it from freezing entirely. This is a great treatment for injuries and pain.

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