10 Hacks To Reduce Your Kitchen Waste

10 Hacks To Reduce Your Kitchen Waste

Wasting is a crime that most of us are guilty of, the statistics are really shocking; it shows that Americans waste over 30% over their food per household that’s is a lot of food that is going to waist! It is a really heartbreaking topic because on one hand we have people who are throwing away food and on the other hand we have people starving and going to bed hungry.

We have to try and put an end to this, if everyone could cut back on their household waist we are getting so much closer to ending all this unnecessary waist.

Below is a list a kitchen hacks that will help you accomplish this goal:


Check out these easy hacks that will make you a  expert in the no waist department: 

• Fresh Greens 

Stop throwing out your greens we all have done it, the trick is to know how to store them so they last longer. When keeping them in a plastic bag blow some air into it then tie the bag this will keep them fresh longer.

•Stop avocado discoloration 

Storing them with a cut onion will prevent your avocado pieces or chunks for going brown. The sulfur in the onion  keeps it from discoloring.

• Using your lemon completely 

Stop using your hands to squeeze the juice out of a lemon and instead use tongs, by using tongs you’ll have a better gripe and more force to squeeze all the juices out.

• Get more familiar with eggs

If your not familiar with how to choose your eggs meaning on how to determine if they are fresh or not, just use this simple technique: fill a bowl with water place the eggs in the bowl the fresh ones will sink to the bottom while the old ones will float to the top.

• Paper bag your onions

To prevent your onions and potatoes from sprouting store them in a paper bag with holes in it,  this will keep them fresh for months and can be done with any food from the potato family.

• Keep your brown sugar soft

Once your brown sugar turns hard, that’s the time we throw it out so to prevent that from happening just add some marshmallows or a piece of bread to the bad and seal it, they will absorb the moisture and make the hard sugar soft again.

• Use your every last bit of butter 

Once you finished a stick of butter put the empty wrappers in the freezer and bring them out when you want to grease a pan.

• Stop potato sprouting

To prevent your potatoes from sprouting store them with apples, they will not sprout any more.

• Rippen your pineapple rapidly

Cut the top of your pineapple off and remove some of the top leaves turn it upside down, this speeds up the ripening process.

• Enjoy your DIY herbal butter

Take an ice tray add your fresh herbs to the bottom and mix some softened butter and put them in the freezer. This way the fresh herbs won’t spoil and the you’ll have delicious fresh herb butter anytime you heart desires.

Also if you see that you have extra vegetables and they are going to go bad place them in the freezer for an amazing soup later on or even when your making eggs.

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