5 of the Most Amazing and Unusual Homes You’ll Ever See

The traditional house is no longer considered to be a dream house for most of us. In this day and age when we think about the house of our dreams we usually think of ultra modern, sleek and futuristic designs! Houses different from the normal design is on everyones mind.

Below is a list of the 5 most amazing and breathtaking houses from around the globe.

1. Glass House In Tokyo 

Located on a busy street in Tokyo, Japan called “House NA” was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Letting natural light shine in and a very open and spacey feel to it.


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2. Waterfall Home 

This house is built into an active waterfall and is located on Bear Run in Pennsylvania,


3. The Most Narrow House In The world, The Keret House

This tiny home sits between two building and is only between 92 and 152 Centimeters in width!

It’s the one in the middle:

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4. Boeing 727 Hotel In Costa Rica 

This airplane used to fly from South Africa to Columbia back in the day, and now its a home in Costa Rica!

This airplane after undergoing some renovations sure feels like home to its owners.


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5. The Hobbit House in Wales 

This amazing house only took 4 months to build and cost only $5,200. The photographer who built this house achieved his goal of using only natural materials and lives there happily with his family.


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