20 Houses to Avoid on Halloween

Halloween is such a great time for all, with a lot of fun activities and dressing up, it’s just all in all a great time for kids and grown ups. However there some places you might want to stay clear from! Below is a list of houses that is probably best to stay clear from:


1.Pointy roof  Wooden Houses 

This is by far the most spookiest house of them all and will make you run for the woods.


Detroit, via here



2. This one looks like it houses many bates and they will attack, once you enter it.


Not only you have to be afraid of the bates but also their might be someone inside waiting for you!!!

Coudersport, Pennsylvania, via here


3. This house looks like it’s staring at you from every angle.


If you look at it long enough this house will send shivers up your spine.

Detroit, via here


4. The orphanage house, you’d think they only exist in the movies!


The scary orphanage with all the children’s ghost running around, is not a place I’d like to visit anytime soon.

Jasper County, Texas via here

5. The House on the top of the hill 


So your on a beautiful hike just enjoying the scenery and taking in the fresh air, when you finally make it up the hill to discover a scary house, no thank you, I for one don’t want to be knocking on that door.

Moline, Illinois, via here


6. This village does not look right.


The village of abandon houses is not the ideal vacationing spot.

Somewhere in Russia via here


7. The House that looks like a clown


To some clowns can be pretty scary, and this house is no exception

Detroit, via here



8. Old Farmhouse to stay clear of


Don’t know why farmhouses has a way of spooking the lights out of me.

Ipava, Illinois via here


9. Long Footpath Creepy Mansions.



Don’t get lost in this mansion as there is no guaranty on how you’ll make it out.

Location unknown, via here


10. Has anyone spotted the house that looks like an old mental asylum


Just makes one wonder how and when people were living in there.

Detroit, via here



11. Tucked Away House in the Woods



This is not your regular Bed and Breakfast.

Rockland Lake, New York via here 


12. You think that if you get to close it will Swallow you Up


Probably it will collapse on you before the ghost will get to you.

Detroit, via here


13. Room at the Top House


It looks like someone is always looking and plotting from that little room on the top.

Tannersville, New York, via here



14. The evil looking house


A house that has a face, just doesn’t seem right.

Detroit, via here


15. This house belongs on a spooky TV series


Makes you wonder who’s locked up in the basement.

Colchester, Nova Scotia, CA via here


16. The house that is bought by tourist not knowing the haunted history


No trick or treating here

 Unknown location, via here


17. House by the lake sounds so romantic, not this one


If your not careful you might wind up in the lake.

Siar, Scotland via here


18. Wonder what happened to the previous owners house.


Has anyone seen the neighbors around?

Detroit, via here



19. Police tape across the building and vultures chilling on the roof House.


Murder mystery house.

Eastern Shore of Maryland via here


20.  Empty Road House.


Just keep on going.

Location unknown (probably in Texas) via here