The work of the architects Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen is known and praised worldwide for its architectural coherence and the contextualization of projects with the environment. AXXIS brings together five emblematic works of the Brazilian firm.

Agencia de Publicidad MPM. Foto: Leonardo Finotti

The CA house

The CA house, completed in 2014, is a sample of the professionalism that characterizes the Jacobsen Arquitetura office. This house in São Paulo, of almost 900 square meters built, makes the most of its location, solar exposure and the impressive panoramic view that is obtained from a level whose plan is Z-shaped.

The program was divided into three areas: social, private and service, and each occupies an independent volume. The lower floor is supported by thin columns that elevate and illuminate the residence based on clean lines and the foundations of modern architecture.

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House RT

The design of House RT consisted of elevating the house 1, 5 meters of the ground since it seemed buried, in that space a lower level was generated, buried half level but with illumination and natural ventilation. Its metal columns and beams and the wooden structure give it an appearance of order and continuity, and at the same time, create a harmonic contrast between the materials and the abundant vegetation.

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Advertising Agency, MPM São Paulo

In these offices, wood is the protagonist. It is in the continuous divisions arranged between the environments, it covers walls and walls along its six floors and is present in the furniture. A minimalist language created by the architects of Bernardus + Jacobsen Arquitetura.

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Pousada Literária, Rio de Janeiro

The challenge for the architects in this project was to reform a traditional hotel in the center of the city of Parati that had to preserve its historical and cultural heritage. With these limitations, the firm was inclined by welcoming materials that integrate the environments to give visual continuity to the place, but at the same time, they will offer their guests the possibility of living hospitality and local traditions.

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