5 steps to make stained glass with reused bottles.

5 steps to make stained glass with reused bottles.

Let’s face it: you’ve seen them in photos and you’ve wanted to do them. See the sunlight entering through a colorful glass looks great and, what better than to give new life to bottles that were on their way to the dumpster?
Here we explain step by step, how to make your own stained glass with reused bottles:

1) Drink a lot of alcohol. (just kidding)

We have seen that the best bottles are large (the wine type). So meet one or several friends who really like the party and give it to you, look for garbage cans (or if you do not like adventure, in recycling centers), or enter the drink (we do not recommend it).

2) Clean the bottles

Once you have your bottles, it’s time to clean them. Remove the labels using a masque and plenty of water. It’s a not so fun process, but when you see your shiny bottles, you’ll be very happy with yourself.


3) Design your stained glass

This step is important for the final look of your stained glass window. Consider the space available, the number of bottles you have, their shapes and colors, if there are windows or any other object on the road, etc.


4) Chicken coop mesh

Place a chicken net in the place where you will make your mural. Secure the mesh to the frame using nails, staples or screws. Then, using tie wire, place the bottles in their place according to your design. Do not worry about the mesh, it will be removed at the end.

Build your wall around the bottles, making sure they are discovered on the sides that give both the outside and the inside.

5) Cut the mesh

After building the wall and waiting for a prudent time to dry it, cut the chicken wire mesh using wire clips and mold and fill any gap that has remained.


Clean the mud bottles that may have been left and that’s it! You have your own stained glass window!