An Old Shut Down Cement Factory From The Outside And A Palace From The Inside

An Old Shut Down Cement Factory From The Outside And A Palace From The Inside

One man’s vision is all it took to turn an old shut down cement factory into an architectures dream house, the architect I’m referring to is Ricardo Bofill. He found this cement factory in 1973 which at that time was vacant, abandoned and half destroyed. It was not a pleasant sight to look at but he had a vision and saw what no one else did, once he purchased the factory, with his vision he began rebuilding and renovating the structor. Now you wouldn’t even know it used to be a factory.


In 1973 the factory he bought looked like this.
factory 1

After two years this factory that is located in Barcelona, Spain, was completely renovated .
factory 2

The Factory is 3,100 square meters.

factory 3

This factory had huge machine rooms, 30 silos and underground space.

factory 4

It is designed to be the his home and has some guest rooms and is the headquarters of the Taller de Arquitectura,

factory 5

Parts of the structure was demolished during the rebuilding and renovation process. 

factory 6

It is also home to several offices, laboratories, libraries and a huge section known as the Cathedral  

factory 7

This gorgeous building is very unique and will take your breath away 
factory 8

It is a combination of modern and luxury living 

factory 9

The rooms all have there own unique character

factory 10

It is like going from one place to another when walking through the rooms 

factory 11

You’ll never see the same thing twice and will never get bored while walking through the building 
factory 12

The architect Ricardo lives and works at the factory
factory 13

Ricardo truly had an amazing vision one that he is very proud of and he is the envy of many architects worldwide.

factory 14

The outside of the factory is beautifully designed as well, with a beautiful garden and landscaping  

factory 15

This is a dream house with character and design, goes to show; we should never turn our back on the opportunities that we have and our dreams and visions!