Architect’s Dream House: Less Than 200 Square Feet

Architect’s Dream House: Less Than 200 Square Feet

A Look Inside Macy Miller’s Tiny House

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The woman who everyone thought would give up after her unpleasant divorce, well she showed them all she bounced back from her divorce stronger and better than ever.

She was an architect from Idaho who built her home by herself  at the very low cost of $11,000. Her name is Macy Miller and the house she built is only 200 square feet.

 Her Interview

She had a minor set back when building the house she fell off the roof and broke her back. That’s why it took 18 months for the completion of this incredibly adorable house.

Where she used to live 

She was previously living in a four bedroom, three bath house, about 2,500 square feet and she says that was way too much house for her. She says that she didn’t enjoy it at all.

What was the most difficult part of building the house 

She says that the most expensive part was the toilet as it is a composting toilet and do to jurisdiction problems and the fact that it had to be regulated brought up the price a bit more than expected.

And the most difficult part was the electrical system which she was a bit intimidated by. With the help of no one she was able to do all the wiring herself however she did have a professional electrician look over her work before she closed everything up.

Describing what it feels like to live in this home

To her it doesn’t feel tiny at all, she says she has all she needs a living room a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. To her this place is home and comfortable. Her Great Dane dog also enjoys the space with her and she took him into consideration when designing her unique home.

Can Anyone do this 

She believes that if someone has the will and wants to build their own home that they should go for it, to believe in themselves and to make it happen !