The Oceanic Penthouse of Your Dreams

The Oceanic Penthouse of Your Dreams



The life style of the rich and famous, with their toys meaning their luxurious yachts and their super expensive sports cars, is a dream for most of us but this Oceanic Penthouse is something that even the rich and famous dream about.

This over the top glass yacht has a very elegant and extravagant design, it is a LEGO-inspired skyscraper design, that has everyone talking.


This amazingly designed yacht is:

Entirely made of glass

Has a moveable stage that can also be used as a stage

A SWATH stability system

And a central power base that controls electric power and water

It is 5,600 square foot vessel that houses many amenities and more. It has the state of the art elevator and a very unique wine cellar, laundry facility and a beautiful gallery. The living space has a very open and uplifting feel to it.



The latest fashion is used in this super fancy yacht, the designer used his talents to maximize the space and lighting.

The light color furniture and flooring gives it a very nice and beautiful ambiance, the crystal chandelier will take your breath away and a elegant piano is just a perfect touch for this dreamy water vessel.



The yacht is equipped with state of the art lighting system which makes it look like its glowing on the water.

The yacht has several pools and a tapered bow serves as a platform for small water-crafts and swimmers.



This yacht takes luxury to another level and sure sets the standards high for all the others to follow!