The Parisian “Time Capsule” Apartment Found Untouched for SEVEN Decades

The Parisian “Time Capsule” Apartment Found Untouched for SEVEN Decades

Have you ever wondered what would an apartment look like if it is left untouched for over 70 years? Well, an apartment was found a few summers ago in Paris that was indeed left untouched for over 70 years. The pictures below will give you a sneak peak into this Parisian treasure:


Mrs. De Florian who left Paris before the beginning of World War II and went to the south of France. She locked up the apartment and never returned to Paris again. She passed away 70 years later, her heirs hired professionals to gather all her belonging and everything she owns, at this time this amazing time capsule was found.

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A team was sent out to open this hidden treasure, once entering they said it felt like opening an old castle door with many treasures, they were overwhelmed by the smell of dust and the amount of cobwebs in the apartment.

They stated: “Truly an amazing experience”


A member of the team spotted a beautiful painting that had a very familiar feel to get, this painting of a beautiful woman in pink had everyone wondering of the artist and value of the piece. Many love letters tied with a colored ribbon were also found amongst other things.


Well the painting turned out to be the work of no other than the great Giovanni Boldini one of Paris most important painters of the Belle Epoque. The woman in the picture was Mrs. De Florian’s grand mother, Marthe de Florian, a beautiful French actress and socialite of the Belle Époque. She was Boldini’s muse. His lover as he was a married man.

This painting was later sold for $3 million at auction.



This incredibly interesting story, has left most of us wondering why did Mrs. De Florian stayed away from Paris for all those decades, also her rent on that elegant apartment was paid in full for all those years!!!

via The Telegraph, photos by GETTY.