Use This Cool Trick To Boost Your WiFi Signal Throughout Your Home!

Use This Cool Trick To Boost Your WiFi Signal Throughout Your Home!

WiFi is fantastic! Few things are better than being able to connect to the Internet without the clutter and hassle of a jungle of cords. However, did you know that you can make your WiFi even better? It’s true! Also, this small improvement to your WiFi can be done with something you probably already have lying around your home. Do you know what it is? It’s a simple soda can. Here is how you can boost your WiFi through only using a soda can.

soda can wifi boost

First, wash out an old soda can. Be sure to use lots of soap and water. Let the can dry completely. Next, cut off the bottom of the can with a utility knife. Cut off most of the top of the soda can, but leave a little a bit of the top attached to act as a type of hinge. Your last cut will go down the length of the soda can. Carefully, uncurl the soda can. Makes sure you are careful to not cut your fingertips on the edges of the can. The freshly cut aluminum edges can be extremely sharp! Flatten the can as best you can on a safe work surface. Apply enough pressure to make sure the flattened can will hold most of its new shape. That’s it!

You are probably wondering what to do next. To use your new WiFi soda can booster, slide the drinking hole portion of the soda can onto the antenna of your router. Allow the flattened portion to spread above the router. The large, flat portion of the soda can will reflect the signals from the antenna and amplify them around the house. You will have a stronger and faster WiFi.

Did you take the time to try this trick? Let us know how it worked out below!